LiteIDE Go 语言开发工具 LiteIDE X35 发布,支持 Go modules

visualfc · 2018年10月24日 · 928 次阅读

Go 语言开发工具 LiteIDE X35 发布,新版本使用缓存加速了源码信息显示和跳转功能,修复了 Delve 插件调试 BUG,提供了对 Go modules 机制的完全支持。

2018.10.24 Ver X35
  • LiteIDE
    • all support Go1.11 Go modules
    • fast lookup types info by cache
    • fix delve debug recurse set blocking
  • LiteApp
    • side window style enable move tool window to any left/right/bottom side.
    • side window style output bar shortcut change to command+meta+number (macos) or ctrl+shift+number
  • GolangEdit
    • fast lookup types info by gocode cache
    • find all usages support Go modules work dir
    • refactor symbol support Go module work dir
  • GolangAst
    • support import path gopath/vendor/modules doc view
  • LiteDebug
    • add automatically add breakpoint main.main when debugging option (default disable)
  • DlvDebugger
    • fix dlv list variables blocking, change LoadConfig recurse to 3
  • LiteBuild

    • update gosrc.xml for support custom target workdir
  • gotools & gocode

  • gotools

    • find all usages support Go module work dir
  • gotools

    • fast completer for Go module project
    • provide types info for liteide by cache
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