区块链将是改变世界的一项新兴技术,越来越多的企业在尝试使用区块链来解决业务问题。VMware公司作为超级账本项目创始成员,为满足用户对区块链技术的需求,打造企业级联盟链云平台,北京研发中心现招聘区块链技术负责人和研发工程师,包括资深和中级开发工程师职位,有超级账本 Fabric 或其他区块链项目的开发经验优先,也欢迎其他相近软件开发领域工程师加盟。地点:北京中关村。待遇优厚,出国交流工作机会,欢迎大家自荐或推荐, 请发中英文简历到:





Blockchain is an emerging technology that promises to change the world we live in. With VMware’s vast experience in building highly trusted distributed systems we have been doing advanced research in this space for several years. We are now building out a team of highly skilled engineers to build on this research for VMware.


  • Contribute to the implementation of a blockchain environment including but not limited to the consensus layer, distributed ledger, and smart contracts layer. This could include dealing with the data layer, the security layer, or a distributed network layer.
  • Contribute to the implementation of a SaaS service that manages and monitors blockchain replica
  • Contribute to the implementation of a deployment service that deploys blockchain replicas across clouds
  • Collaborate effectively with other engineers to solve complex problems.
  • Assist with debugging and verification of defects in your own and others' work


  • 4+ years of industry experience for Sr. Member of Technical Staff ( Sr. MTS ) and 7+ years for Staff Engineer
  • University degree with a major in computer science or equivalent experience
  • Good communication skill in verbal and written English
  • Experience in mainstream programming languages such as Golang/C++/Java
  • Preferred experience with Hyperledger Fabric architecture and source code
  • Experience with Consortium blockchain a plus
  • Experience with Ethereum and Hyperledger projects a plus
  • Smart Contract (Chaincode) development a plus
  • Experience in one of the following disciplines: Databases Security (cryptography preferred) Peer-to-peer networks or distributed systems Exposure to multiple programming languages is desired, as the ability to pick up and use the language that suits a body of work is expected