Robotgo v0.50.0 发布了, Go 桌面自动化, 巨大更新

Robotgo v0.50.0 The Appalachian Mountains 发布了,Golang 跨平台控制鼠标、键盘、位图、屏幕、窗口句柄以及全局事件监听。



  • [NEW] Add simple ocr support
  • [NEW] Add max and min window api and win32.h file
  • [NEW] Automatic free internal bitmap and add bitmapStr example
  • [NEW] Update findBitmap and findColor default tolerance 0.5 to 0.01, [improve find accuracy and time]
  • [NEW] Add more Window example
  • [NEW] Add cross compile docs
  • [NEW] Add free bitmap and tolerance godoc
  • [NEW] Add GetForegroundWindow and FindWindow func support
  • [NEW] Add bitmap to CBitmap func, Add ToCBitmap example to examples
  • [NEW] Add get Scale and GetScaleSize func, get primary display DPI scale factor fix #129, #135 Add Custom DPI Scaling support, Add scale default value, Add scale example


  • [NEW] Update [add freeBitmap example]
  • [NEW] Optimize findColor and uniform API with findBitmap
  • [NEW] Update godoc, CI and
  • [NEW] Update
  • [NEW] Update examples [add freeBitmap and update findColor]
  • [NEW] Optimize bitmap code, optimize args and not try [many methods]
  • [NEW] Update getPid type to int32
  • [NEW] Update var and other code style, fix non-standard code Update code and update some name
  • [NEW] Update pkg to newest
  • [NEW] Remove duplicate code and old useless code
  • [NEW] Update mouse click and fix moveClick and movesClick args
  • [NEW] Update code style use if not try
  • [NEW] Update clipboard example
  • [NEW] Update typestr use return not else
  • [NEW] Update mouse toggle, keytap and savebitmap func args
  • [NEW] Update examples remove duplicate code
  • [NEW] Update bitmap and other examples
  • [NEW] Simplify linux dependency installation commands
  • [NEW] Update -[NEW] Update
  • [NEW] Move govendor to dep
  • [NEW] Update robotgo ci to 1.10.3


  • [FIX] Update active pid to fix #140, fixed linux activePid
  • [FIX] Fixed findBitmap and findPic memory leak
  • [FIX] Add getPxColor destroyMMBitmap fix memory leak
  • [FIX] Fix float args not float32
  • [FIX] Fix windows clipboard memory leak
  • [FIX] Update macos .a downgrade to 10.10 just warning not exit [fix #102, #128, #134]
  • [FIX] use 10.10 to compile .a verifyed multi os
  • [FIX] Fix #145 not assert
  • [FIX] Fix some warning use supplemental code

See Commits for more details, after Apr 30.


veni - 90后野生全站工程师

赞同来自: buscoop

控制键盘、鼠标、位图和屏幕, 操作窗口句柄以及全局事件监听, 用于自动化测试工具和远程控制以及自动化游戏等自动化工具的编写, 比如取色器不要 GUI 只需几行代码, 类似于 autoIT 和按键精灵

pathbox -


支持~ 不过很想知道这个库的具体作用,能否举以一些流程化例子或实际工作中使用的例子




veni - 90后野生全站工程师


@够浪 要开源社区的人一起加油才行啊, 欢迎贡献代码、文档、增强功能和修复BUG 等